Soup serves as an appetizer for almost every meal. There are many kinds of soup that are deliciously made and it is done with different kinds of ingredients. The most common soup especially in European countries like Poland, Ukraine and Poland is the schav. Schav which is sometimes spelled in many forms like shav, or shchav is also known as sorrel soup. It is said that the soup’s name was derived from a Yiddish language, shtshav and a polish word which is szczaw. In other countries in Europe this is also known as “green borscht”. This is also found in every meal of Nigerians wherein they call it as yakuwa or another term for it is sure in Hausa. Maricris is its name in Romania, shchavel in Russia, soska in Hungary, kuzu kulagi in Turkey, and in Croatia, it is called as Kiselica.

Schav is usually made of broth, salt, as well as the tasty, healthy sorrel leaves wherein this is also added in sauces or in salads. Sorrel is the main ingredient of this soup that has an oxalic acid that gives that sour taste. It is an edible plant with oblong leaves which can be planted in a garden or even in a pot. Its stems are juicy which is responsible for the savory taste of the soup This has been planted for many centuries already and has been used as a decoction too which helps in the prevention of some illnesses like diabetes, or kidney related illnesses. Aside from soup, this is also used for cooking tarts, jellies, and appetizing drinks.  But in using this, you have to use the right amount of this sorrel because it is said that too much of this is also not good.

According to one reliable source, the sour taste of the schav came from the sorrel plant. The soup is done in any variations and it is said that this has been used traditionally during the ancient times. It makes the soup flavorful especially when this is added with olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, sugar, and onions. You can do it by tying the sorrel leaves and let it boil in the water. The taste comes out even better if the sorrel is being blended thus having an attractive and mouth-wateringly made green soup. This can also be mixed with eggs, roots of parsley, potatoes and carrots, tomatoes, pepper and other ingredients, depends upon the recipe. When it is ready, this can be served either hot or the taste remains even it is served as cold. This can be chilled in the refrigerator and you can eat refreshingly with yogurt and milk. It can be cooked with fish, chicken, and meats. You can even experiment some of your own recipe to make a schav.

If you want its taste to be more prominent, it is best if you use the older stems. Tasting schav lets you experience foods that are cooked during the ancient ages. And most of all, schav is a kind of food that is health friendly.

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